Conrad vs Parker | St. Cloud Skate Plaza #20

by Administrator 23. May 2013 10:08

Andy Conrad and Matt Parker not only ride for the shop, but they are also our local Fourstar/Lakai/Girl/Chocolate/Volcom and Krew/Supra sales reps. Plus they still kill it skating. Check out the latest edit Thienes made with them over at the Plaza.

Andy Conrad | D.T. F. | Full Part

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St. Cloud Skate Plaza | #12

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St. Cloud Skate Plaza | #8

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St. Cloud Skate Plaza | #5

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St. Cloud Skate Plaza | #4

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Come walk through the shop...

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Conrad and Chau Making Cameos

by Administrator 20. October 2010 23:36

Click the photo to watch the DVS Demo.  Andy informs Reda on some Minnesota fishing tips.

Andy Conrad Makes Plays

by Administrator 27. July 2010 10:52

Andy Conrad Making Plays

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Andy And Eric Produce Some Shots!

by Administrator 18. June 2009 12:11

Schiffler checks the spot and stomps a smooth fs/5-0 and fs/Tailslide on the ledge of death.


Conrizzle keeps it real with an impeccably smooth backside k-flip! 
Andy puts the P in POP with this Hardflip!                Schiffler slaps the gap to the face with a nasty tre flip!
Good work boy's, not bad for a rainy day in STC!  Schiff has moved to Chi town for a hot minute so that is it for him. More to come from Summertime and the team in the next week.  Sequences will be produced of future action so stay tuned for the latest on the skate team.