Sexton Shreds Camp of Champions

by Administrator 29. April 2010 19:06

Videograss Announces its 2010 Rider Lineup

by Administrator 10. December 2009 10:12

The guys at Videograss just dropped the names of their new 2009/10 crew and it's stacked. Louie Paradise, LNP, Ben Bilocq, Nick Dirks, Alex Cantin, Mikey LeBlanc, Darrell Mathes, Jonas Michilot, Nima Jalali, Jed Anderson, Chris Grenier, Jordan Mendenhall, Johnny Miller, Jon Kooley, Will Tuddenham and Justin Bennee will see if they can top the first work of Videograss 2009. Videograsse filmer Justin Meyer has only one comment regarding the new lineup, "Damn, this is gonna be nuts ..."  (Photo: Mike Yoshida)

ThirtyTwo Announces Seven New Riders

by Administrator 1. December 2009 13:50


ThirtyTwo Boots and Etnies Footwear have signed: Jon Kooley, Scott Stevens, Chris Bradshaw, Nima Jalali, Ben Bilocq, Chris Grenier and Johnny Miller.