Snowboard Sale

by Administrator 15. January 2015 16:53

Will be giving 15% off ALL Snowboards, Boots, and Bindings now through Monday January 19th.  Save on all your favorite brands: Burton, Union, ThirtyTwo, DC, Nike, Capita, Salomon, Lib Tech, Stepchild, The Interior Plain Project, Academy, Dinosaurs Will Die, Monument, Rome, and MORE! 

2012 Forum Snowboard gear has started to arrive.....

by Administrator 30. August 2011 19:14

Click here to see our full selection of 2012 Forum Snowboards, Boots, and Bindings for the upcoming season!

Forum Manual Snowboard | 136 cm, 143 cm & 147 cm | $319.95
Forum Manual Snowboard | 150 cm, 153 cm & 156 cm | $319.95
Forum Recon Snowboard | 146 cm, 149 cm & 153 cm | $299.95

Forum Recon Snowboard | 156 cm & 158 cm Wide | $299.95
Forum Scallywag Snowboard | 151 cm & 155 cm | $349.95
Forum Youngblood DoubleDog Snowboard | 150 cm Wide & 152 cm | $399.95
Forum Youngblood DoubleDog Snowboard | 154 cm & 156 cm | $399.95
Forum Shaka Snowboard Bindings | Blimey | $239.95 - Forum Recon Snowboard Bindings | Black & Life Aquatic | $109.95
Forum Faction Snowboard Bindings | Chicago & Swap Team | $159.95
Forum Fastplant Snowboard Boots | Black / Forum | $119.95

The 2012 Union Bindings have started to arrive...

by Administrator 30. August 2011 15:32


The Union Binding Company has once again come out with a very solid binding selection for the 2012 season.  All Union Bindings come with a two year warranty for their bases.  

Click here to view our full selection of Union's that we have available. 

  Union Contact Black Bindings | Union Contact Pro Black Bindings | Union Contact Pro Red / White Bindings

Union Contact Rasta Bindings | Union DLX Green Bindings | Union DLX Yellow Bindings
Union Flite Black Bindings | Union Flite Cyan Bindings | Union Flite Red Bindings
Union Flite Lady Silver Bindings | Union Flite Lady White Bindings | Union Force Black Bindings
Union Force White Bindings | Union Force Hazard Orange Bindings | Union Force Acid Green Bindings 

Snowboard Closeout Sale ON NOW!

by Administrator 16. February 2011 08:23

You heard right people!  We have ALL snow gear in the store on sale!  ALL BOARDS, BOOTS, BINDINGS, GOGGLES, OUTERWEAR, HELMETS, BEANIES, and FACEMASKS!  We also have a HUGE selection of CLEARANCE SHOES, SWEATSHIRTS, T-SHIRTS, and JEANS!  Now is the time to save, stop in and check out the great deals before it is too late! 

Travis Kennedy signs with TECHNINE

by Administrator 23. February 2010 08:08

Technine is proud to announce the addition of Travis Kennedy to the Technine Team. Kennedy will be getting on the full Technine program and riding boards, bindings and outerwear. T.K. will join the ranks of Technine pros MFM, Lucas Magoon, Simon Chamberlain, Chris Bradshaw, Derek Dennison, Dylan Thompson and Jonah Owen.

“T.K. is really hyped up this season and the whole crew is stoked to have him on the program. He is a great addition to the Technine team as well as to the FODT movie,“ Says Cole Taylor of Technine and FODT films. “T.K. is hungry and ready to get out there show people what time it is.”

“I can’t wait to shoot photos of T.K. out in the backcountry this year,” says Technine founder and photographer E-Stone. “Kids think T.K. is this crazy jibber but the truth is he is super well-rounded and destroys the backcountry as well as the streets. I have been a fan of Travis Kennedy for years! I can’t wait to see what he pulls off with a Technine under his feet.”

“I’m hyped to be working with the whole Technine fam. It feels good to get a fresh start with a company that is my style 100 percent. I back everything about Technine and now they have my back in return. I’m ready to work hard and kill it with one of the sickest crews in snowboarding. I’m just getting started!” says Travis.

Travis has been out in Tahoe, California working hard with the FODT /MFM and friends crew. Travis has been putting together what he calls “the best video part of his life.” Look out for the new film dropping this fall.




Burton Snow Gear is HERE!

by Administrator 11. August 2009 19:01