Bald E-Gal Presents: Ground Control - Full Video

by Administrator 26. March 2014 14:54

Check out Bald E-Gal's full video Ground Control featuring: Drew Poganski, Nate Lavik, Mike Liddle, Clay Hatzenbuhler, Brandon Larson, Matthew Boudreaux, Randy Vannurden, Dan Brisse, Krister Ralles, Shane Ruprecht and more.

TYSS | Snow Team

by Administrator 9. January 2014 11:13

The Youth Shelter Supply shreds Trollhaugen

by Administrator 9. December 2013 10:33

Trollhaugen from BALD E-GAL PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

Last week we heading down to Trollhaugen with a dirty lens and a broken camera. Good times were had by all, check out some plays being made by: Michael Phillips, Josh Johnson, Matthew Boudreaux, Dan Brisse, Austin Young, Brandon Larson, Scott Kulzer, Ryan Wallack, Krister Ralles, and Shane Ruprecht.

Brandon Larson's part from Ground Control

by Administrator 25. October 2013 10:02

Brandon Larson has been filming parts for probably longer than most of you have been riding in the park. Larson is a Midwest OG that consistently puts out good footy year after year, and his part from Bald E-Gal's Ground Control does not disappoint.

Bald E-Gal's Ground Control | Opening Montage

by Administrator 17. September 2013 12:41

Peep the opening montage from Ground Control. Tons of slams, featuring Shelter Riders Dan Brisse, Randy Vannurden, Brandon Larson, Drew Poganski, Shane Ruprecht, Jake Olson Elm, and Brent Mohs.

Signal's Minnesota House Episode 5

by Administrator 17. January 2013 10:12

Yusaku Horri came to Minnesota last winter to hang with the Signal boys. Check out their latest episode of the Minnesota House and peep some footy from when they came up to Powder Ridge as well as Jake OE and Yusaku dying their hair. Good times.

Shelter Homies shred Trollhaugen

by Administrator 11. December 2012 18:33

Signal House | Episode 2

by Administrator 27. November 2012 19:21

Jake OE, Danimals, Cody Beiersdorf, Brandon Larson, and Sam Fenton hit up SIA.

Jake OE, Larson, Danimals and Cody make custom Snowboards

by Administrator 21. June 2012 12:36

Jake Olson Elm, Dan Liedahl, Cody Beiersdorf, and Brandon Larson headed out to the Signal Snowboard Factory this spring to make custom snowboards. Check out the edit of them designing, and making their own board then testing them out at June Mountain.

Follow Cams at Ridge

by Administrator 14. May 2012 19:34

Thienes was doing some filming for Transworld Snowboarding's story on Powder Ridge (which will come out next winter) and made an edit from some follow cams. Starring Jake Olson Elm, Cody Beiersdorf, Austin Young, Brandon Larson and Krister Ralles.

Yusaku Horii's trip to the Midwest

by Administrator 7. March 2012 10:46

Larson, Jake OE, Cody and Danimals shred Elm Creek

by Administrator 28. February 2012 11:35

1817 shreds Granite Peak

by Administrator 16. January 2012 18:52

Shop rider Brandon Larson rips...

by Administrator 21. December 2011 23:37

Larson has shots in the ThirtyTwo Ammo video

by Administrator 11. October 2011 16:15

Down Bar Session

by Administrator 21. September 2011 07:46

Working for the City

by Administrator 18. September 2011 22:14

ThirtyTwo's Ammo NOW AVAILABLE!

by Administrator 15. September 2011 11:31

This video is under $10 and our very own Brandon Larson has footy in it.  You can't sleep on this one!

We need your vote again!

by Administrator 11. May 2011 18:24

So looks like they have extended the Neff/Transworld Shop Video Contest.  You can now revote.  We need every vote we can get to win this thing, help us out by clicking the image below and placing your vote for The Youth Shelter Supply over on the Transworld Snowboarding website.  Spread the word- get everyone you know to place a vote! Thanks.

VOTE Youth Shelter Supply- Best Snow Team in the Country!

by Administrator 14. April 2011 08:37

Neff picked 18 shops, 9 from the West, and 9 from the East, to battle it out with their videos. We’re pitting one shop from the East Vs. the West posting every Tuesday and Friday. Each battle will have a poll for users to vote on their favorite video. The competition will run for five weeks with the winner being announced on May 11. The winner will be chosen from a combination of your votes and the TransWorld staff. The winning shop will get $7,000 ($5,000 in cash, $2,000 in Neff product).


Round 1 is The Youth Shelter Supply vs. MiloSport in Salt Lake City.  Go to TRANSWORLD SNOWBOARDING to place your vote and help us win this contest. 


Larson's part from POACHERS 10

by Administrator 31. March 2011 22:58

ThirtyTwo AMMO teaser

by Administrator 1. February 2011 08:57


by Administrator 15. January 2011 09:28

A.S.E.: 09-10 Season Edit

by Administrator 14. January 2011 09:51

Come walk through the shop...

by Administrator 12. January 2011 15:02