Bald E-Gal Presents: Ground Control - Full Video

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Check out Bald E-Gal's full video Ground Control featuring: Drew Poganski, Nate Lavik, Mike Liddle, Clay Hatzenbuhler, Brandon Larson, Matthew Boudreaux, Randy Vannurden, Dan Brisse, Krister Ralles, Shane Ruprecht and more.

Randy Vannurden | The Brighton Perspective

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The Youth Shelter Supply Gloves NOW AVAILABLE

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The Youth Shelter Supply X Celtek Collab Mitts $44.95

The Youth Shelter Supply X Celtek Collab Gloves $44.95

Shelter/ Celtek Pipe gloves are 20% OFF

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Shelter / Celtek Collab Glove

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Youth Shelter / Celtek Collab Glove!

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Youth Shelter X Celtek Collab Glove!

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Here is a sneak peak of the super limited glove we designed with Celtek.  These pipe/ rope tow gloves will be dropping this fall!  Artwork by Mike Thienes.

Check out Bj's Transworld Interview

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Minnesota Legend and Shelter Homie Bjorn Leines has an epic interview on TWsnow.  Click the photo to read what the shred mogul is up to. 

Celtek Clan Presents: Dan Brisse Re-Edited

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Celtek Clan Shreds Park City

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Viktor Simco & Brandon Larson | Tiller

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JJ Thomas and 50 Cent

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Celtek Gloves NOW AVAILABLE!

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Bjorn Leines adds on to his Jib Farm in Big Lake

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Bjorn has made some improvements to his jib fantasy land.  Click the photo for the full article from Snowboard Magazine.

2010 CELTEK GLOVES have arrived......

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Dollars For Doman

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Celtek designer and well-known Salt Lake City artist Dave Doman suffered a severe head injury while skateboarding in San Clemente, California just over a week ago.

He and Celtek CEO Erik Leines had just wrapped up some sick new designs when they decided to head down to the beach for a surf. Always up for some fun, Dave thought he’d shoot the hill on his longboard skateboard and swung wide to hang a right onto the next street. As he was exiting the turn Dave hit a puddle of water, causing his wheels to slide out and sending him headfirst into the asphalt.

Doman was rushed to Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, where he is currently in a medically induced coma, recovering from his injuries.

Dave has a long road ahead of him and needs everyone’s thoughts and prayers for a fast, complete recovery.

Hanging out in the ICU isn’t cheap, so Celtek has released a poster and a t-shirt featuring an original piece of Doman’s art to help raise some funds for our buddy. All proceeds will benefit Dave and his recovery efforts. Get yours at

Winter Closeout $ale | Starts NOW!

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Ezra Jacobson | Bald E-Gal Productions | 2008

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Riverside Rail Jam | Footage

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St. Cloud Times Covers Riverside Railjam

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 While Billy Kum of St. Cloud didn't snowboard Sunday, he enjoyed all the action he saw at the Riverside Rail Jam.

"I think it's awesome," Kum said about the snowboarding event.

Temperatures in the deep freeze couldn't stop snowboarders and winter sport lovers as they took turns riding the rails and boxes at Riverside Park. Sponsored by The Youth Shelter Supply, this was the first event at the park, which is the first snowboard park in the St. Cloud area, said Brandon Janssen of Youth Shelter Supply.

"This is new to the city," Janssen said. "It's kind of a grand opening of the snowboard park. It's a place for children to learn the proper way to snowboard."

Youth Shelter Supply hosts a variety of events throughout the year. Sunday's event was the first event at the park and the hope is to grow its use, Janssen said.

"This is the first year," he said. "Hopefully, it will grow as the season progresses."

More than 20 people attended the event. From sledding and snowboarding to food and fellowship, there was something for everyone.

Those in attendance also got to meet professional snowboarder Bjorn Leines. Leines is a native of Big Lake. He owns a snowboarding glove company called Celtek with his brother Erik Leines.

While St. Cloud residents were happy to see the addition, people traveled to help celebrate the opening of the park.

Josh Boeser traveled from Edina to test the site.

He's been snowboarding for 12 years.

"It's really fun," Boeser said. "It's an awesome setup."

Gary Fuechtmann has attended other events sponsored by The Youth Shelter Supply and was glad to see the opening of the St. Cloud snowboard park. Jodi and Kari Pfannenstein of St. Cloud were also happy to see the addition to the community.

"I think it's rad that they have all this neat stuff out here," Kari Pfannenstein said.

Jodi Pfannenstein liked the idea of something for snowboarders closer than Powder Ridge in Kimball.

"It's nice to have something nearby," Jodi Pfannenstein said. "I think it's nice that it's free too."



Riverside Rail Jam | 12.21.08

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Bald E-Gal Cup | Winners

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BOYS 14 AND UNDER | 1st Drew Poganski | 2nd Luke Merten | 3rd Tim Konz GUYS 15 AND UP | 1st Brent Mohs | 2nd Mike Phillips | 3rd Will Steichen GALS ALL AGES | 2st Kristi Morvek | 2nd Celena Fehlan | 3rd Sarah Winger OPEN CLASS | 1st Brandon Larson | 2nd Killer | 3rd Shane Ruprecht THANKS!!! To everyone that came out, Powder Ridge, Becky, Tanner, Jerry, Lane, Brandon Janssen, Melissa Ruebl, Mike Pettit, Mike Casanova, Jordan Michilot, Ricky Tucker, Jake Olson-Elm, and all our pals! VIDEO & RIDING PHOTOS WILL BE UP BY THE WEEKEND.

Bald E-Gal Cup | 12.06.08

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Local Shop Billboard | Ezra Jacobson

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