Ethan Deiss absolutely kills Trollhaugen

by Administrator 19. June 2013 10:34

If you thought you've seen banger edits coming out of Trollhaugen the last few seasons, think again! Ethan comes through with the best Troll edit ever.

House of 1817 | Terror at Troll

by Administrator 8. April 2013 10:58

The lost 1817 Halloween edit

by Administrator 13. March 2012 21:17

Keegan interviews Ethan Deiss over on Snowboard-Mag

by Administrator 7. March 2012 11:40

Click the image above to read Ethan's interview on Snowboard Magazine's website. 

Ethan Deiss: X-Games Street Comp footy

by Administrator 28. February 2012 09:26

Ethan Deiss' Snow Porn

by Administrator 9. January 2012 19:00

Ethan Deiss ESPN Snowboarding Interview

by Administrator 3. January 2012 18:24

Working for the City shreds Trollhaugen

by Administrator 28. November 2011 15:28

Ethan Deiss' part from Retrospect

by Administrator 22. November 2011 10:05

Ethan gets shots in Norway

by Administrator 8. November 2011 09:21

Ethan making plays at Northstar

by Administrator 29. October 2011 16:11

Two-Seventy Ethan?

by Administrator 25. October 2011 14:40

Burton Standing Sideways NOW AVAILABLE

by Administrator 30. September 2011 09:00


by Administrator 10. August 2011 08:20

Ethan Deiss makes plays

by Administrator 9. May 2011 09:14

Click the photo below to read Snowboard Magazine's article with Ethan and the Burton team in Minnesota while filming this winter.  Major hammers.

Keep up with Ethan's one-liners

by Administrator 28. April 2011 09:20

Click the photo below to keep tabs on some of the classic lines Ethan has been dropping while filming for Retrospect this winter.


by Administrator 21. February 2011 07:55

Ethan signs with BURTON

by Administrator 26. January 2011 22:36

Ethan Deiss’ hometown of Osceola, Wisconsin isn’t exactly known for its mountains. But lack of vertical terrain didn’t keep Ethan from putting together his break-out rail video part in the 2009 snowboard movie “Think Positive”. Now that he’s on the Burton AM team, Ethan is getting his first chance to film with a full-fledged movie project this season.

During a recent filming trip in Norway, Ethan said, “You wanna know what’s cool about Burton…Everything. My only regret in snowboarding is not riding for Burton earlier. The product is just so sick.” 

Nate Harrington's Online Photo Mag.

by Administrator 10. January 2011 00:10

Shot By Nate is an online mag for midwest shred photos.  Nate Harrington takes really good photos.  Click the photo below to see his latest release.  Really Good flicks of RP, Cody, Ethan, Jordan, Larson, Viktor, and a lot more midwest heads. 

Troll's Park Get Schralped Hard.

by Administrator 1. December 2010 20:27

Props to these Troll kids for throwing down hammers. This is how a park edit should look. Where are you Powder Ridge kids at?

In case you you blew it and didn't shred Troll last weekend....

by Administrator 3. November 2010 22:39

I'm With Stupid TEASER

by Administrator 10. August 2010 12:35

Jake OE and Ethan Deiss Making Plays!

by Administrator 19. April 2010 13:36

Trick Tip: FS180 To SW5050 With Ethan Deiss

by Administrator 7. April 2010 13:27

Jake O.E. and Ethan Deiss Making Plays

by Administrator 7. April 2010 13:26