3 with T | Powder Ridge, Spirit Mountain and Mont Du Lac

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Pals section...

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Transworld Snowboarding's East Vs. West Shop Contest

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We have been selected to compete in Neff and Transworld's shop video contest. They picked 18 shops to make a video edit and the winner gets $7,000.00! Thienes and the snow team put a lot of time and effort to make our pretty dam epic. We are going up against MiloSport on the week of April 5th to April 11th. We need you vote to win, so on April 5th we need everybody to go to the Transworld Snowboard site and vote on our video. Props to Shane Ruprecht, Dan Brisse, Jake Olson Elm, Ezra Jacobson, Mike Phillips, Drew Poganski, Randy Vannurden, Danny Nyren, and Brent Mohs for making some major plays for this video! Help us out with your vote on April 5th!

Come walk through the shop...

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Nate Harrington's Online Photo Mag.

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Shot By Nate is an online mag for midwest shred photos.  Nate Harrington takes really good photos.  Click the photo below to see his latest release.  Really Good flicks of RP, Cody, Ethan, Jordan, Larson, Viktor, and a lot more midwest heads. 

Poachers 10 is here!

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Tiller is available for SALE!

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ONLY $19.99

Tiller is Bald E-Gal Productions 9th shred flick. 

It was filmed on location at various snow spots around the world, but it's mainly a mid-west rail video staring; Dan Brisse, Shane Ruprecht, Ezra Jacobson, Brandon Larson, Cody Beiersdorf, Jake Olson-Elm, Brandon Lepasti, Jonas Michilot, Viktor Simco, Matty Faust, Killer, Ryan Paul and features riding from; Tarek Husevold Jonny Martens, Pat McCarthy, Casey Desmond, Bjorn Leines, Chris Coulter, Forrest Shearer, Bode Merrill, Tony Conrad, Jordan Michilot, Mike Casanova, Barry Buhr, Danny Nyren, Tony Young, and Nate Lavik. 

Probably the most epic, progressive, and technical film since That's it, That's all!

Skate now because it will snow later...

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