local skate video | NO - COLLAR

by Administrator 7. May 2014 14:35

No-Collar is a skate video out of Minneapolis by Mitch Guth.  Featuring riding from: Sam Evensen, Corey Millett, Julian Mejia, Reed Allen, Jack Olson and many more.

Local skate flicks are going off right now

by Administrator 1. May 2014 13:31

A few local Minnesota skate flicks have dropped in the past weeks that are pretty damn good. Lots of good up and coming rippers out of Minneapolis right now, and tons of great spots.

The Hesh Mixtape Volume 1 comes from one of the most entertaining skate blogs in Minneapolis, features heavy influences from Sizzurp, has one of the hardest soundtracks in recent skate/rap video history, and has parts from the dudes you see ripping 3rd Lair on a daily basis. If you haven't checked out their blog yet, hear over to now!

BROGAZELLE3ABD (broke as hell 3 all ready been done) is a video by another great MPLS skate blog The Village Psychic featuring skating from: Tabari Cook, Kirian Stone, Tom Roher, Aaron Christensen, Spencer Gillespie, Pat Gallaher, CJ Tambornino, Patrick Voller, David Jaimes, Phil Schwartz, Will Irrgang, Alex Oskie, Denis Burdick, David Nelson, Pete Spooner, Dana Ross, Nathan Cameron, Davis Torgerson, Dom Randazzo, Eddie Kochendorfer, Josh Manoles, Tim Bennet, Tim Fulton, David Fink,Joe Hall, Dan Rusin, Jan Jacobson, Angelo Zwicky, Mike Burrill, and Vinnie Nanthavongsa. After you watch this video check out the blog over at

4N is a video from Sam Levy their 37 days traveling around in a van living the skate life dream.

This last video is Jack Olson's part from No-Collar. The full video from Mitch Guth isn't online, but they're teasing you to buy the video by giving you the privilege of peeping Jack's latest part. Word on the street is this isn't even the ender part of their video, so you know you need to get your hands on a full copy. Hopefully we should have it here in the shop soon, or head over to to purchase a copy for yourself!

attn dfct | Full Video

by Administrator 27. September 2013 10:07

attn dfct is the latest skate video from Chris Burt, filmed and edited last year's North Coast video, featuring all your favorite skate heads from Minneapolis. Check out parts from Jack Olson, Mike Lemnitzer, David Nelson, Tj Moran, Andrew Leibman, Sam Evensen, Andrew Ellison, and Dalton Jones.


by Administrator 12. September 2013 09:33

A Minneapolis skate video by Mitch Guth featuring footage from Corey Millet, Jack Dawkins, Julian Mejia, Jack Olson, Sam Evensen, Grady Moquin, Reed Allen, and many others.

Jack Olson | Who's Hot Skateboarder Magazine

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Minneapolis to Los Angeles by Tim Fulton

by Administrator 22. March 2013 15:03

Tim Fulton dropped his latest edit featuring: Vinnie Nanthavongsa, Kirian Stone, David Jaimes, Davis Torgerson, Jack Olson, Chris Colourn, and Fletcher Renegar.

Jack Olson skates 3rd Lair

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We got copies of Home Grown in today

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Home Grown skates Kansas City

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Home Grown | Throwaway #2

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