Bald E-Gal Cup 2013 | Video Edit

by Administrator 11. December 2013 14:57

Bald E-Gal Cup | 2013 from The Youth Shelter Supply on Vimeo.

Winners: 14 & Up: John Bushe, 15 & Up: Isaiah Pudas, Open: Jeffy Gabrick | Location: Powder Ridge | Presented by: The Youth Shelter Supply | Edit: Ryan Dereamer | Footage: Ryan Dereamer, Dan Tyler, Mike Thienes

House of 1817 | Terror at Troll

by Administrator 8. April 2013 10:58

Bald E-Gal Shreds Trollhaugen

by Administrator 7. March 2013 10:07

Bald E-Gal Filmer Dan Tyler made an edit of him and his fellow Wisconsonites shredding at Troll. Peep Ryan Barker, Peter Limberg, Austin Young, and Jeffy Gabrick killing the Troll Park.

Cody Beiersdorf and Austin Young session the Troll Triple Kink

by Administrator 21. March 2012 10:59

Troll's Park Get Schralped Hard.

by Administrator 1. December 2010 20:27

Props to these Troll kids for throwing down hammers. This is how a park edit should look. Where are you Powder Ridge kids at?