by Administrator 17. January 2013 10:15

Bald E-Gal Cup | Powder Ridge | 2011

by Administrator 8. December 2011 18:13

Bald E-Gal Cup 2011 Results

by Administrator 4. December 2011 18:35

Congrats to everybody who cam out to the Bald E-Gal Cup on Saturday at Powder Ridge.  Jesse Paul won the Open Class, Dan Spooner won the 15 and older class, and Garrett Mckinnzie won the 14 and under class. Brent Mohs won the Jake Olson-Elm/McRudy's Pub free keg.  

Props to Mike Wiener and PR Park Crew for a great set-up and Nate Harrington for providing the photos.  If you haven't check out Nate's photo blog you should-

RP wins 10g's at Hot Dawgs and Hand Rails

by Administrator 27. September 2011 19:43

Minnesota kids dominate the Volcom PBRJ Finals

by Administrator 19. April 2011 15:14

Props to Jesse Paul, Ryan Paul, Cullen Bernklau, Vanessa Moore, Sara Winger, Emily Blewitt, and Benny Milam for taking home giants checks from the Peanut Butter Rail Jam Finals at Mammoth Mountain.