Annex Skateboards Fall 2014 Release

by Administrator 8. October 2014 10:34

Annex just dropped their fall skate decks featuring art from shop employees Josh Johnson and Lane Kloskowski.  Snow team ripper, Michael Phillips, also helped on a graphic!  Annex is our best selling deck brand and anybody who follows them knows once they hit the store they don't last long, so if you want to skate one for yourself this fall you better get in here quick.


S4L Ridge Footy

by Administrator 22. March 2012 12:31

We need your vote again!

by Administrator 11. May 2011 18:24

So looks like they have extended the Neff/Transworld Shop Video Contest.  You can now revote.  We need every vote we can get to win this thing, help us out by clicking the image below and placing your vote for The Youth Shelter Supply over on the Transworld Snowboarding website.  Spread the word- get everyone you know to place a vote! Thanks.

S4L taking it to the streets?

by Administrator 17. April 2011 17:05

VOTE Youth Shelter Supply- Best Snow Team in the Country!

by Administrator 14. April 2011 08:37

Neff picked 18 shops, 9 from the West, and 9 from the East, to battle it out with their videos. We’re pitting one shop from the East Vs. the West posting every Tuesday and Friday. Each battle will have a poll for users to vote on their favorite video. The competition will run for five weeks with the winner being announced on May 11. The winner will be chosen from a combination of your votes and the TransWorld staff. The winning shop will get $7,000 ($5,000 in cash, $2,000 in Neff product).


Round 1 is The Youth Shelter Supply vs. MiloSport in Salt Lake City.  Go to TRANSWORLD SNOWBOARDING to place your vote and help us win this contest. 


The Last Day at Ridge

by Administrator 8. April 2011 09:09

Transworld Snowboarding's East Vs. West Shop Contest

by Administrator 1. April 2011 13:39

We have been selected to compete in Neff and Transworld's shop video contest. They picked 18 shops to make a video edit and the winner gets $7,000.00! Thienes and the snow team put a lot of time and effort to make our pretty dam epic. We are going up against MiloSport on the week of April 5th to April 11th. We need you vote to win, so on April 5th we need everybody to go to the Transworld Snowboard site and vote on our video. Props to Shane Ruprecht, Dan Brisse, Jake Olson Elm, Ezra Jacobson, Mike Phillips, Drew Poganski, Randy Vannurden, Danny Nyren, and Brent Mohs for making some major plays for this video! Help us out with your vote on April 5th!

S4L: Multi-Sport Athletes

by Administrator 27. February 2011 18:05

S4L Shred-IT

by Administrator 11. February 2011 16:21

S4L: Weekend Warriors

by Administrator 24. January 2011 22:40