Shaner and the Burton Knowbuddys shred Superpark 18

by Administrator 27. May 2014 10:09

Shane Ruprecht got the call from Burton to meet up with the rest of the Knowbuddy Team out at Superpark 18 at Mount Hood Meadows in Oregon. Check out the edit from the week they spent shredding up there. Also featuring riding from: Jack Kyle, Ezra Racine, Ralph Kucharek, Jack Dawe, Tommy Gesme, Brady Lem, Alex Andrews,and Michael Wick.

Terror at Troll 2

by Administrator 28. April 2014 10:24

The 1817 boys have done it again! Terror at Troll 2 is definitely the best park edit of the year to come out of Trollhaugen and features riding from shop heads Jake Olson Elm and Shane Ruprecht. We never thought we'd ever say 12 minutes of park footy from Troll isn't enough, but it honestly isn't. How many times do you think you'll watch this before the Troll park opens back up again in October?

Shaner and Jake OE make an appearance in VG's latest Troll edit

by Administrator 23. April 2014 09:49

Shop riders Jake Olson Elm and Shane Ruprecht hit up Trollhaugen with the rest of Videograss Crew to film and end of the season park edit. How bad does watching this make you wish we were still shredding?


by Administrator 3. April 2014 13:35

Bald E-Gal Presents: Ground Control - Full Video

by Administrator 26. March 2014 14:54

Check out Bald E-Gal's full video Ground Control featuring: Drew Poganski, Nate Lavik, Mike Liddle, Clay Hatzenbuhler, Brandon Larson, Matthew Boudreaux, Randy Vannurden, Dan Brisse, Krister Ralles, Shane Ruprecht and more.

Derek Combs' Presents: Bump

by Administrator 25. March 2014 10:09

Shop filmer Derek Combs just dropped one of the best edits at Powder Ridge this season. Bump features shop heads: Shane Ruprecht, Mikey Roynesdal, Joey Peterson, and Matt Hiemstra pounding some hammers into the new park set-up at Ridge. Press play, sit back, and get inspired to step your game up for these last few days we have left to ride the Powder Ridge Park!

Jake and Shaner make an appearance in this week's Monday Minute

by Administrator 21. January 2014 10:35

Shelter team riders Jake Olson Elm and Shane Ruprecht get a couple shots in 1817's latest Monday Minute- featuring all your favorite Minnesota riders riding at Hyland Hills and Trollhaugen.

TYSS | Snow Team

by Administrator 9. January 2014 11:13

The Youth Shelter Supply shreds Trollhaugen

by Administrator 9. December 2013 10:33

Trollhaugen from BALD E-GAL PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

Last week we heading down to Trollhaugen with a dirty lens and a broken camera. Good times were had by all, check out some plays being made by: Michael Phillips, Josh Johnson, Matthew Boudreaux, Dan Brisse, Austin Young, Brandon Larson, Scott Kulzer, Ryan Wallack, Krister Ralles, and Shane Ruprecht.

Holiday Savings #everydamnday

by Administrator 4. December 2013 09:34

Black Friday Sale ALL WEEKEND LONG!

by Administrator 28. November 2013 10:44

We have decided to extend our Black Friday Sale throughout the weekend. Save on the deals below from now until Monday December 2nd.  


Shane Ruprecht's full part from Ground Control

by Administrator 25. November 2013 15:51

Shop rider Shane Ruprecht held down the Bald E-Gal video this year by landing the ender part in Ground Contol. If you haven't seen his part yet- hit play ($20 says you can't watch it just once); if you have seen his part, bookmark this edit on your smart phone so you can watch it everyday on your way to the hill to get you pumped to shred!

Bald E-Gal's Ground Control | Opening Montage

by Administrator 17. September 2013 12:41

Peep the opening montage from Ground Control. Tons of slams, featuring Shelter Riders Dan Brisse, Randy Vannurden, Brandon Larson, Drew Poganski, Shane Ruprecht, Jake Olson Elm, and Brent Mohs.

Bald E-Gal shreds Mt. Hood

by Administrator 9. September 2013 10:57

Featuring: Clay Hatzenbuhler, Tj Antisdel, Andy Gladder, Shane Ruprecht, & Drew Poganski | Videography: Derek Combs & Eli Olson | Edit: Mike Thienes | Music: David Bowe "White Light/ Whit Heat"

E-Gal Eye | Full Movie

by Administrator 8. July 2013 14:09

Featuring: Austin Young, Randy Vannurden, Dan Brisse, Shane Ruprecht, Yusaku Horii, Matthew Boudreaux, Cody Beiersdorf, Seth Huot, Krister Ralles. with friends Tommy Young, Erik Zimmerman, Ryan Barker, Charlie Fenton, Peter Limberg, Nate Lavik, Drew Poganski, Bjorn Leines, and more..

Producer: Mike Thienes, Sam Fenton, Brian Dow | Executive Producer: Mike Thienes, Mike Pettit | Principle Videography: Sam Fenton, Justin Turkowski, Riley Erickson, Mike Thienes | Edit: Sam Fenton | Teaser, Opener and Motion Graphics: Brian Dow | Off-line Edit: Seth Huot, Jacob Durham, Justin Turkowski, Riley Erickson, Mike Thienes | Additional Videography: Jacob Durham, Pat Barraza, Jake Breed, Colin Droster, Joe Carter, Sam Larson, Jake Price, Daniel Tyler, Joe Carlino | Cover Art: Mike Thienes, Brian Dow | Photography: Nathaniel Harrington, Vernon Deck, Brandon Lepasti, E-Stone, Chris Stotesbery

Ruprecht, Mohs, and Poganski making plays at the PBRJ Champs

by Administrator 24. April 2013 19:37

Mike Thienes' bonus edit from E-Gal Eye

by Administrator 11. March 2013 17:51

2013 Snow Rider Classic Edit from Powder Ridge

by Administrator 7. March 2013 10:11

Here is a highlight reel of the finals for this years Snowrider Classic at Powder Ridge Minnesota.


1st | Shane Ruprecht

2nd | Josh Johnson

3rd | Matt Aura


1st | Mike Kloepner

2nd | Cory Franzwa

3rd | Eric Franzwa


1st | Deelia Gage

2nd | Katie Brugger

3rd | Kasie Carriveau


1st | John Busche

2nd | Tennessee Scott-Lumbar

3rd | Aeron Ashbrook

Edit: Mike Thienes | Footage: Mike Thienes, Derek Combs, Mike Wiener | Music: Gaurs "Not Supposed To" | Sponsors: Neff, Interior Plain Project, House of 1817, Burton, Capita, Coal, Union, Celtek, Volcom

Derek Combs' entry for the Arnette Crew Clash

by Administrator 7. March 2013 10:09

Derek and the boys filmed a banger edit from Ridge for Yobeat's Arnette Crew Clash video edit competition. Though they did not win the contest, they did come out with one of the hottest Ridge edit's to date. Featuring the silky-stylings of MikeRoynesdal, Joey Peterson, Billy Brandt, Shane Ruprecht, TJ Antisdel, Drew Poganski, Matt Hiemstra, Josh Johnson, Chris Tomczyk, Luke Merten, and Clay Hatzenbuhler.

Heaviest edit ever? Bald E-Gal Presents the PBRJ at Powder Ridge

by Administrator 1. March 2013 08:28

Shane Ruprecht's full part from E-Gal Eye

by Administrator 18. February 2013 16:26

Nuts and Bolts Episode 1 featuring Brisse, Bjorn, Killer, and Shaner

by Administrator 30. January 2013 11:56

Bjorn brings the boys out to The Jib Farm

by Administrator 9. January 2013 10:01

Celtek Jib Farm | 2013 from BALD E-GAL PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

Bjorn Leines took Shane Ruprecht, Krister Ralles, and Drew Poganski out to his private park here in Minnesota. Check out the edit they made.

Brent and Shaner winning the Volcom PBRJ Finals at Mammoth Mountain

by Administrator 26. April 2012 11:15

Shop riders Shane Ruprecht, Brent Mohs, Drew Poganski, Josh Johnson and Justin Mohs went out to California to compete in the Volcom Peanut Butter Rail Jam Finals. Check out the video of Shane winning the contest and Brent placing 5th.

Mikey P Jam at Terry Peaks

by Administrator 30. March 2012 14:36