Record Store Day & Skate Unity

by Administrator 24. April 2014 14:17

Skate Unity and Summer Flair Art Exhibits

by Administrator 21. March 2014 17:06

SKATE UNITY is an exhibit of 36 local artist's paintings on skateboard decks, which will be displayed and auctioned off here at the store. All proceeds will go to buying new skateboarding equipment for the Boys & Girls Club. Opening will be going on with the St Cloud Art Crawl with our art being displayed at the shop.  

OPENING: Friday, March 21 | 5-9PM

CLOSING: Saturday, April 19 | 7-9PM


We are also displaying the Summer Flare T-Shirt and Sticker design contest.  This display is a Summer inspired t-shirt & sticker designs created by members of the St. Cloud State University Student Graphic Design Association. We will have the artwork displayed at the shop, so come vote for your favorite design. 

Come check out some amazing artwork, a bring some friends, and maybe buy some artwork for your wall. 

Skate Unity Donation for the St. Cloud Boys and Girls Club

by Administrator 10. May 2013 10:24

Yesterday we donated the skate gear we were able to get from the Skate Unity Art Auction to the St. Cloud Boys and Girls Club. The St. Cloud Times was there, check out the video from it. A HUGE THANKS goes out to everyone who helped with Skate Unity this year, we were able to donate 20 skateboards along with helmets and pads to the Boys and Girls Club. Success!!!

Skate Unity 2013

by Administrator 6. April 2013 16:33

A little edit we made of the Skate Unity Art Fundraiser we held at The White Horse, along with some early season skating at the Plaza featuring Michael Gerberding, Nate Schaefer, and Cody Temple. Thanks to everyone who was a part of this event this year, once again it was another success!

Skate Unity Closing Ceremony is Saturday Night

by Administrator 5. March 2013 10:02
The closing ceremony for Skate Unity will be Saturday April 6th at 7:00pm.  We will be hanging out at the White Horse all night and we will stop the auction at 7:00pm sharp.  We will also award the $500 to the winner of the Facebook contest.  See you there!

Skate Unity starts this Saturday at The Blue Line Bar and Grill in Sartell

by Administrator 17. April 2012 10:23

Below is the edit from last year's Skate Unity Event. This year we passed out 60 skate decks to local artists that will be auctioned off and all the proceeds will go to the Sartell Skate Plaza. The decks will be on display at The Blue Line Bar and Grill in Sartell starting on Saturday April 21st. Stop by and check out the artwork and help raise money for the Sartell Plaza.

Skate Unity | Art Show

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Skate Unity is coming.........

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Skate Unity Update

by Administrator 28. April 2010 17:40

Skate Unity is off to a great start! Tons of people have been viewing and bidding on the art displayed at The White Horse Bar and Restaurant. If you haven't stopped by The White Horse to check out all the artwork; your blowing it. Stop by and support your local skate scene by helping to raise money for the St. Cloud Skate Plaza!

Skate Unity is coming soon....

by Administrator 14. April 2010 19:56

All artwork will be on display at The White Horse Bar and Restaurant, located in Downtown St. Cloud from April 24th to May 1st.  Feel free to stop into The White Horse at any time during that week to check out all the artwork and place a bid on a piece you may like.  A reception will be held at The White Horse on Saturday May 1st from 3:00pm to 5:00pm, at this time the bidding will end and the artwork will be presented to the winning bidders. (Winning Bidders are not required to be at the recpition, all winners will be contacted the following week) 

SKATE UNITY | video: Mike Wiener

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by Administrator 7. May 2009 13:01

Here is you chance to get the official "word" on the state of the Skate Plaza.  We need every skate head to show up!  There will be City of St. Cloud representatives (who will be the deciding factor on where and when the Plaza will be located) at this event.  Let's get as many people to show up and let the City know how bad we need this Skate Plaza.  Plus it will be a great chance to check out some local art talent and meet all the hard working people (aka Austin Lee) who are doing their best to get you one of the best Skate Plazas in the country.  SHOW UP AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT!

Skate Unity Art Show/ St. Cloud Skate Plaza Fundraiser

by Administrator 16. April 2009 15:08


Skate Unity is an art event/ show that displays local art talent. This event will basically be a fundraiser for the St. Cloud Skate Plaza. Many local artists will be painting skate decks to be auctioned off at the event with all proceeds going towards the St. Cloud Skate Plaza. The event will be on Thursday May 7th at The Heritage Center (across the street from Cub Foods West). If you are looking forward to the St. Cloud Skate Plaza- YOU NEED TO GET AS MANY PEOPLE TO THIS EVENT AS POSSIBLE, because not only will Skate Unity bring in money for helping build the Plaza but it will also help bring more awareness to the City of St. Cloud about the future Skate Plaza. So basically tell everybody you know to show up and support the St. Cloud Skate Plaza- hit up MYSPACE, hit up FACEBOOK, SEND MASS EMAILS, SEND MASS TEXT MESSAGES, BUST OUT SOME MORRIS CODE, SEND SMOKE SIGNALS- pretty much do whatever you have to do to get as many people to show up to the event and show the City of St. Cloud just how many people are waiting for THE SKATE PLAZA. If you are interested in painting up a deck and donating it to the event, email your contact info to: