Brisse wins X-Games Gold....... AGAIN!

by Administrator 29. January 2012 11:15
Dan repeated as winner of the ESPN X-Games Real Snow Contest.  Word on the street is he will be heading back to Minnesota this week.  Congratulate that man when you see him.  Yeah Dan!  

Check out Brisse's Real Snow interview over on ESPN

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Click here to read what Dan had to say about filming his 2nd Real Snow edit and what it takes to win this contest. 

Brisse is looking to repeat

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X-Games 17 Real Street lineup

by Administrator 3. June 2011 08:28

At X Games 17 -- July 28-31 in Los Angeles -- Real Street returns for its second year. Sixteen of the world's best street skateboarders will submit 60-second video parts for a shot at $50,000 and an X Games gold medal. Competing this year are: Daewon Song, Tommy Sandoval, Dylan Rieder, Darrell Stanton, Joey Brezinski, Tom Asta, Anthony Schultz, Zered Bassett, Eli Reed, Brandon Westgate, Ryan Decenzo, Louie Barletta, Billy Marks, Silas Baxter-Neal, Tony Tave and Guru Khalsa.


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Real Snow Round 1: BRISSE beats LOUIF!

by Administrator 19. January 2011 08:35

Props to our boy Dan for winning Round 1 of ESPN's Real Snow vs. Louif Paradis.  Louif had a very good part and was a tough one to get by, but now we need to help Brisse win over Nic Sauve (who also has a very good part).  If you haven't checked out this video contest yet, you are blowing it.  Mega bangers in everyone's part.  Click the photo below to check out this X-Games Video Contest and VOTE FOR DAN!

X-Games 16 Real Street: Basset and Tave

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ESPN Real Street Week 4: Fellers and Hill

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X-Games Real Street Romero and Oliveira

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