by Administrator 2. July 2014 10:56

We got a few really great looking shoes in from DC this week.  From left to right we have the Chris Cole Lite 2 in Grey / Red, the Wes Kremer S in Black / Gum, and the NEW Nyjah Vulc in Black / White.  All three pairs feature DC's Super Suede uppers with premium insoles and midsoles.

Go Skateboarding Day | recap video...

by Administrator 28. June 2014 10:05


time for a new deck? | REAL SKATEBOARDS

by Administrator 26. June 2014 10:02

We just got a restock of decks from Real Skateboards.  Real has been one of the more popular skate brands around here last few summers and their Low Pro series is a shop favorite.  Isn't it time you got some fresh wood under your feet to get some pop back in your game?  Swing through and check out our full selection of decks from Real or click the link below to check out our online store.

seely cup | ADIDAS

by Administrator 26. June 2014 10:00

Adidas Seely Cup Shoes | Black / White / Gum | $69.95

july 2014 drop | ODD SOX

by Administrator 25. June 2014 11:33

Odd Sox drops a new collection every month, and their latest July drop has some of their best prints yet.  Odd Sox is know for thier high quality images printed across their socks to give them a look and feel that you can't find from other brands.  Odd Sox fit as good as they look and are a must for anybody with a sock collection or crazy foot fetish.  Featuring prints ranging from 80's classic video games to basketball legends, Odd Sox has something for everybody.

summer 2014 | BOHNAM AND CONS

by Administrator 25. June 2014 10:37

The Summer 2014 offerings for both Bonham and Converse Cons have hit the shop.  

Converse just dropped the Natural / Black / Gum color-way of the KA-II and it is looking as clean as ever.  This shoe features a super comfy Lunoron Insole for maximum comfort, a fully suede upper, and a low-profile cup sole- giving you the board feel you need without giving up too much support and structure.

Bohnam is known for showing their love of the outdoor camp vibe througout their product line.  Evan is rocking the Tavern Navy Trucker Hat and Lures Navy Pocket Tee.  If you looking for high quality clothing with a hunting and fishing vibe to it, you need to swing through and check out our Bohnam selection.

are you skating royalty? | KING OF THE PLAZA

by Administrator 23. June 2014 17:41

It's time for our annual King of the Plaza skateboard contest.  It is open to all ages and abilities, contestants will be put on a team to compete in various activities and challenges both on and off your board to see who will be crowned King of the Plaza.


We will split up the teams evenly by age and ability.  There will be both team and individual prizes given out from our fine sponsors.


Your team will gain points for various skate tricks completed in the four zones of the plaza:

1.  Double Set

2.  Rock Gap

3.  5 Set

4.  Euro/Kicker


Teams can also score points in the:

1.  Deathrace

2.  Longest Ollie 

3.  Hockey Shoot-out



Registration: 3:00pm-3:45pm

Cost: $5.00

Contest Starts: 4:00pm

Location: St. Cloud Skate Plaza


Hit us up if you have any questions on the event, this is one of our more popular skate events of the summer!


eastham polarized sunglasses | DANG SHADES

by Administrator 23. June 2014 17:40

Grace is ready for the first week of summer rocking her new Dang Shades Eastham Polarized Sunglasses.  The Eastham comes in both Grey or Bronze Polarized lenses and has a Matte Black frame.


At only $26.00, these are some of the cheapest polarized lenses available and they have a great look.  You'll save so much money on your shades you have extra room in the budget to get out and enjoy the sun all summer long.

new local brand | MUST BE MINNESOTA

by Administrator 20. June 2014 10:30

Coming straight out of Duluth, Must Be Minnesota just dropped their summer line of 5-Panel hats.


These 5-Panels feature awesome prints showing off some of the best things Minnesota has to offer.  They are made with a variety of high-quality materials on both the crown and the bill.
With so many great options to choose from, you're probably going to have to pick up a few!

best holiday of the year | GO SKATEBOARDING DAY

by Administrator 20. June 2014 10:29

June 21st is National Go Skateboarding Day- the greatest day of the year!

This year we will be celebrating by having a Skate Sale here at the store from 10:00am to Noon.  From there we will be skate mobbing through downtown and skate our way over to the St. Cloud Skate Plaza.  We will be doing a BBQ and a Park Clean-Up sponsored by Vans- everyone who helps pick up the trash around the park will get a prize pack from Vans.  The BBQ will be free and we will turn on the grill at 2:00pm.  Come out and celebrate the greatest day of the year with us! 


woodgrain on my phone | RECOVER IPHONE CASES

by Administrator 20. June 2014 10:25

Recover make real wood cases for both the iPhone 4 and 5.  Not only do these cases look super clean, they also offer some of the best protection available for your phone.



Recover Cases are available in many type of wood: Walnut, Rosewood, Zebrawood, Ebony, Maple, Bamboo, and our personal favorite Skateboard Plys.  You paid a lot for that phone in your pocket, you might as well have the proper protection that looks just as good!

be kind, rewind | GIRL SKATEBOARDS

by Administrator 18. June 2014 17:38


We just got a fresh shipment of the latest skateboard decks from Girl.  We are fully stocked with tons of options in all sizes.  Pictured above is the "Be Kind, Rewind" series feature classic movies from the 80's.  




To see these and the rest of our Girl decks in stock click the link below to view our online store or swing through the shop and check out our deck wall. 



viktor simco pro-model shades | HEATWAVE VISUAL

by Administrator 15. June 2014 11:59


Our homie Viktor Simco just got his first signature pro-model sunglasses from Heatwave Visual.  You may know Viktor from his parts in the Bald E-Gal and Rome snowboard videos, or from being his older brother Riff Raff's road manager/hype man, or from holding his Ollies for Alzheimers Shindigs at local snowboard and skateboard parks.


Vik's colorway for his shades turned out really sick- Leisure Camo!  These bad boys are perfect for enjoying Minnesota Summers, and at only $35 a pair you can afford to buy both the Wayfarer and Aviator styles to keep your shade game on point for all occasions.  


by Administrator 15. June 2014 11:37

Huf just dropped their 2014 Summer Clothing collection and we are fully stocked with goods to keep you looking and feeling cool all summer long.  Alex is seen here rocking the Navy Waikiki Volley Hat and the Navy Original Jersey.  Huf is one of the hottest selling clothing brands at the store so far in 2014 so if you want to update your wardrobe with some of their latest peices you better get on it now before we're sold out!

DVS Transom White / Black Leather Shoes

by Administrator 15. June 2014 11:36

DVS Transom Shoes | White / Black Leather | $71.95

St Cloud Skate Plaza | #22

by Administrator 13. June 2014 13:13

let your toes breathe this summer | DC SANDALS

by Administrator 13. June 2014 13:12

DC Cabo Sandals | Black | $34.95

DC Central Graffik Sandals | Black / Camo | $22.95

cons skateboarding | KA-II Black / White Shoes

by Administrator 13. June 2014 13:02

Cons KA-II Shoes | Black / White | $74.95

stoniest socks in the game | SUMMER 2014 HUF PLANTLIFE

by Administrator 12. June 2014 11:36

We are fully stocked in the summer colorways of Huf's Plantlife socks.  Tie-Dye's, Glow in the Dark's, and tons of bright colors to keep your mind stimulated.  


Swing through and grab a new pair for your collection today because you know these don't stay in stock for too long.

enjoy the water this summer | MATIX BOARDSHORTS

by Administrator 12. June 2014 11:29

No matter how you enjoy the water this summer, you should do it in a pair of Aloha Boardshorts from Matix.  The Aloha Camo shorts feature 2-way stretch which allows you to rock a proper fit while still maintaining full manuverability without being restricted, Mitch is seen here slashing puddles in the Army Camo colorway.

light up the night | SUNSET FLARE WHEELS

by Administrator 2. June 2014 15:07

Late night bar runs on your cruiser just went up a few levels!  Sunset Wheel Company makes Flare Skate Wheels that are illuminated by LED Lights.  They offer two sizes of wheels; 59mm and 65mm and have multiple color options.  The lights are powered by the wheels spinning and are do not require batteries.

gifts for dads and grads | ELECTRIC VISUAL

by Administrator 2. June 2014 14:46

It's that time of year again, school is coming to and end and Father's Day is right around the corner.  Nothing makes a better Father's Day gift than a new watch, and you know every new grad needs a sick-ass pair of shades for college right?!?  Electric has you covered with their new watch line and some of the best looking sunglasses in the game.

wes kremer pro | DC SHOES

by Administrator 31. May 2014 10:03

DC Wes Kremer S Shoes | Tan | $69.95

jean-michel basquiat | KOMONO WATCHES

by Administrator 31. May 2014 09:47

Komono just dropped a six-piece wrist watch collection featuring the artwork of NYC legend Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Each band in this limited series features a part of one of his paintings, and no two bands are the same.  If you are a Basquiat fan you need to swing in and check out this awesome collection, one of the cooler things we have in the shop right now.

gilbert crockett pro | VANS SHOES

by Administrator 31. May 2014 09:41

Vans Gilbert Crockett Pro Shoes | Grey / White / Tan | $69.95