spring 2014 | GNARLY CLOTHES

by Administrator 21. May 2014 10:19

The Gnarly Spring 2014 line has landed here at the shop.  Mitchell is seen here rocking the Sandlot Hat and Baseball Raglan T-Shirt.  Stop in and check out this great pieces along with the rest of their latest drop, you won't be dissapointed.

upgrade your set-up | BONES WHEELS AND BEARINGS

by Administrator 15. May 2014 16:54

We are fully stocked with Bones Wheels and Bearings right now.   You would be surprised at how much better you skate when you have the proper set-up under your feet.  Stop in today and let us guide you towards a set of wheels or bearings from Bones that will make you a better skater.  Imaging how much more fun would your day be if you upgraded your wheels and bearings. 

photo: parick raitor 

signal snowboards ett | JAKE OE SHREDS BALDFACE IN THE DARK

by Administrator 15. May 2014 16:40

For this week's Every Third Thursday Signal Owner Dave Lee and Jake Olson Elm create a Floodlight Snowboard that they take up to Baldface Lodge in Whistler B.C. to shred some pow in the dark. Looks fricking awesome!!!

Skate Camp 2014

by Administrator 14. May 2014 11:51

We will be offering a FREE one-day Skateboard Camp at the St. Cloud Skate Plaza. This camp is open to both boys and girls of all ages and skating abilities. 


Our store staff members and skate team riders will be the coaches for the day and we will split the campers up into groups based on their age and skating ability. The coaches will be open to teaching campers any aspect of skateboarding they are looking to improve on.


It doesn't matter if it's your first year skating, or you have been skating for many years; Skate Camp is designed to make everybody a better skater and make everybody feel comfortable and have fun skating the Plaza. All you need to have is a skateboard, and to come in and preregister at The Youth Shelter Supply now!!! 

summer 2014 accessories | NEFF HEADWEAR

by Administrator 14. May 2014 11:23

Looking and staying cool all summer long is a breeze when you're deck out in a hat and pair of shades from Neff!  We are fully stocked in summer accessories from Neff, stop in and get your summer kit proper.

photo: patrick raitor 

time for a new deck? | DEATHWISH SKATEBOARDS

by Administrator 13. May 2014 10:58

Winter has offically passed, the snow has melted, and the streets have been cleaned.  It's time to retire that beat-down deck you've been riding all spring and get a fresh, crispy piece of wood under your feet for the summer.  We just got a shipment of decks in from Deathwish today and their graphics are on-point like always.  Brandon Huberty is floating the "Walk of Shame" series from the Spring 14 Deathwish line-up, come check out these and all the other great graphic options Deathwish has to offer.

photo: patrick raitor 

spring 2014 | Annex Skateboards

by Administrator 12. May 2014 16:36

The first shipment of Annex Skateboards has arrived for the season!  This year Annex is stepping their game up and offering multiple shapes and graphics.  Besides the traditional pop-sickle shapes that have made Annex the best selling board brand here for the last few years, they now offer a Bandaid Shape, Barney Shape, and Cruiser Shape.  All Annex decks are only $50, so you know if you want to get on one you better act now before we are sold out again.

smartphone camera lenses | Black Eye Lens

by Administrator 12. May 2014 16:28

Black Eye Lens is the magnetic fisheye lens for smartphones.  It attaches to a phone by magnets and come with 3 lenses: fisheye, wide-angle, and macro.  Wheather you're looking to get more likes on your instagram photos or looking to make that sponsor-me edit with your homies,  the Black Eye Lens will take the photos and video on your phone up to the next level.  Probaly the best $40 you could spend all summer!


by Administrator 9. May 2014 10:01

Skate weather is finally here to stay! We're getting new skate stuff in daily, we just got fresh re-ups from Element and Skate Mental. Now that the streets are dry and clean, it's time to get some fresh wood under your feet.

great graduation gift idea | STANCE LOW-CUT SOCKS

by Administrator 8. May 2014 17:19

Stance is one of the best selling accessory brands here at the store and their low-cut socks never disappoint.  These are the perfect gift for that graduate in your life- kid's haven't been this hyped to get socks for a gift ever!

local skate video | NO - COLLAR

by Administrator 7. May 2014 14:35

No-Collar is a skate video out of Minneapolis by Mitch Guth.  Featuring riding from: Sam Evensen, Corey Millett, Julian Mejia, Reed Allen, Jack Olson and many more.

just in time for fishing opener | STATERUN JB FISH TRUCKER HAT

by Administrator 7. May 2014 10:51

The Jb Fish Trucker Hats from StateRun Limited Company have been some of our best selling hats here at the store this spring.   Available in multiple colorways in both 5 and 6 panel truckers, this is the perfect hat to sport on the water this weekend for the fishing opener!

the capitol and the easy | FALLEN FOOTWEAR

by Administrator 7. May 2014 10:33

Fallen The Easy Shoes | Black / Native | $59.95



Fallen Capitol Shoes | Black / Camo | $59.95

Alec Majerus' part from Goosenectar

by Administrator 6. May 2014 10:33

Alec team up with Louie Lopez to share a part in the Goosenectar video coming out of California. Enjoy!

Local skate flicks are going off right now

by Administrator 1. May 2014 13:31

A few local Minnesota skate flicks have dropped in the past weeks that are pretty damn good. Lots of good up and coming rippers out of Minneapolis right now, and tons of great spots.

The Hesh Mixtape Volume 1 comes from one of the most entertaining skate blogs in Minneapolis, features heavy influences from Sizzurp, has one of the hardest soundtracks in recent skate/rap video history, and has parts from the dudes you see ripping 3rd Lair on a daily basis. If you haven't checked out their blog yet, hear over to now!

BROGAZELLE3ABD (broke as hell 3 all ready been done) is a video by another great MPLS skate blog The Village Psychic featuring skating from: Tabari Cook, Kirian Stone, Tom Roher, Aaron Christensen, Spencer Gillespie, Pat Gallaher, CJ Tambornino, Patrick Voller, David Jaimes, Phil Schwartz, Will Irrgang, Alex Oskie, Denis Burdick, David Nelson, Pete Spooner, Dana Ross, Nathan Cameron, Davis Torgerson, Dom Randazzo, Eddie Kochendorfer, Josh Manoles, Tim Bennet, Tim Fulton, David Fink,Joe Hall, Dan Rusin, Jan Jacobson, Angelo Zwicky, Mike Burrill, and Vinnie Nanthavongsa. After you watch this video check out the blog over at

4N is a video from Sam Levy their 37 days traveling around in a van living the skate life dream.

This last video is Jack Olson's part from No-Collar. The full video from Mitch Guth isn't online, but they're teasing you to buy the video by giving you the privilege of peeping Jack's latest part. Word on the street is this isn't even the ender part of their video, so you know you need to get your hands on a full copy. Hopefully we should have it here in the shop soon, or head over to to purchase a copy for yourself!

Cheap Shades

by Administrator 30. April 2014 11:03

Looking for some new sunglasses this summer but don't want to blow your entire budget so you can't afford to get out and enjoy the weather while using them?  Then you need to swing in and check our huge selection of $20-$30 shades from Neff, Brigada Eyewear, Glassy Sun Haters, Vans, The Quiet Life and Airblaster.  

DC Cole Lite 2 Shoes

by Administrator 29. April 2014 10:27

We just got in Chris Cole's latest pro-model from DC; the Cole Lite 2- which features a lightweight cupsole with a clean toe and no-sew upper to help prevent blowouts, creating a longer-lasting shoe.  Swing through and try on one of the best fitting and most comfortable shoes for skating this summer, and while your at it pick up a pair or two of socks from Stance to really set off your shoe game!

We got our first shipment from Loser Machine Company

by Administrator 28. April 2014 12:16

Loser Machine Company was started by Adrian Lopez in 2009 as an extension of his professional skateboarding career.  The brand is meant to be a combination of pastimes and influences sparked by historic movements, and to build product that is inspired by the every day craftsman and mischievous gentleman from the past and present.  Eli sports the motor-cycled influenced Sui-Trucker Black Hat and the Sworn Black T-Shirt while tatooing a client at Olde Town Tatoo here in St. Cloud.

Terror at Troll 2

by Administrator 28. April 2014 10:24

The 1817 boys have done it again! Terror at Troll 2 is definitely the best park edit of the year to come out of Trollhaugen and features riding from shop heads Jake Olson Elm and Shane Ruprecht. We never thought we'd ever say 12 minutes of park footy from Troll isn't enough, but it honestly isn't. How many times do you think you'll watch this before the Troll park opens back up again in October?

A Happy Medium III

by Administrator 26. April 2014 11:28

Looking for a new skate flick to add to your rotaion?  We just got copies of A Happy Medium III in stock today from the O'Shea brothers in Arizona.  AHM3 is an independent film featuring Aaron "Jaws" Homoki, John Motta, Josh Hawkins, Johnrob Moore, Kody Kohlman, Jeff Stevens, Derek Tracy, Nick Fiorini, Eric Thomas, Marshall Winter, Ted Schmitz, Ryan Reyes, and Raymond Nguyen.

Record Store Day & Skate Unity

by Administrator 24. April 2014 14:17

Shaner and Jake OE make an appearance in VG's latest Troll edit

by Administrator 23. April 2014 09:49

Shop riders Jake Olson Elm and Shane Ruprecht hit up Trollhaugen with the rest of Videograss Crew to film and end of the season park edit. How bad does watching this make you wish we were still shredding?

Campus Cruz Skate Event RESCHEDULED TO FRIDAY 4/25

by Administrator 23. April 2014 09:46




We will meet at the store at 3:00pm for a Skateboard Scavenger Hunt (we will be hiding prizes around campus and giving out clues for people to go out and find them).  Then at 4:30pm we will all be meeting up down by Outdoor Endevours Offices (down by the SCSU football stadium) for a FREE BBQ and a couple mini contests.  It's that time of year to get back out on your board and enjoy the beautiful spring weather, so grab your Cruiser or Longboard and come enjoy the day with us! 

TYSS Minnesota Skateboard Decks

by Administrator 18. April 2014 09:48


We just recieved a new batch of skate decks with artwork from Pat Jensen.  The Minnesota Decks cost only $35.00, come with a mellow concave, and are 100% legit Maple Wood.  These decks are just as legit as any branded deck we carry at here at the store, but luckily for you they cost $20 bucks less!


Mikey Gerbs & pals...

by Administrator 7. April 2014 12:14